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Jessica William

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Why did Lauren Boebert lead a late-night Capitol tour three weeks before Jan. 6?

Come on Friday so ready for Meghan McCain to go away

Our 8 week old nephew just tested positive for Covid-19. He is being life flighted to Boise.

MISSING CHILD ALERT❗️ SAN ANTONIO, TX 16-year-old Jaquelyn Adame has been missing from San Antonio, TX since Jul 22, 2021. She may still be in the local area or she may travel to Devine or Kirby, Texas.

I will be boosting some of your accounts later this afternoon! The only requirement is that you are one of my followers. If you follow me, I will follow you back! Please retweet!

“COVID doesn’t kill that many kids.” Example of a stupid argument.

If you're medically eligible and aren't vaccinated by now you're a stupid homicidal fucking moron!

My friend’s daughter is an ICU nurse here in the Dallas area. She worked ridiculously long hours during the first big COVID outbreak. She sat with people as they died. The vaccine was difficult to get still. That same ICU is filling up again with the unvaccinated. She quit today.

Covid positivity rates in children jumped from <2% to 23% in just 6 weeks at one Louisiana hospital. "We had a 19 yo that died here 2 weeks ago despite everything that we did," Dr. Katherine Baumgarten says. "No one should die from covid at this point, especially not our kids."

Just Mike Lindell sitting in his undies in public nothing to see here

Yesterday was my sons first day of school. I thought it was going to be half capacity. The school was overflowing with people. Half masked. Half not. Elbow to elbow looked like a mini palooza! 😱 I am freaking out inside. I don’t feel good about this at all. I want him home 😭

Y’all are in my dreams so much 😂 it’s a trip!

My 9year old nephew lost his final battle with neuroblastoma this afternoon. He has kicked and fought like hell since he was 4. He was cancer free for the past 2 yrs but it came back in its most aggressive form. These pictures are from a week ago as a guest at Fenway Park. 😭😭

It’s on like Donkey Kong

Yuck I wouldn’t take my fur baby there