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Jessica William

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a big name & LEGEND in his sport! Apart from that turned things.. One HELL of a contestant in the history!! Who was beyond the show.. Many seasons may come but this man,,will remain Special & Etched forever! ✨

BBOttOnVoot anyone?? Is it bb15 ??

N bbk8 ends!!

Whatever the result is ....just accept it n move on!! Congratulation to the winner!!

Ppl who couldnt reach top 5 telling the later doesnt deserve to be there!! I think they need more 10 seasons to understand bbk.....still i doubt if they will comprehend!! DU is a lovable person!! A beautiful soul!! This one reason is enough for her to be in top 3

Bbk8 hit or flop...but creative team's contribution was truly below average .....Was expecting some fun n entertaini g tasks ....truly disappointed!! Things were quite predictable ....n no twists or secret tasks were brought on the table😓😓.

i think MP is fine..n i have no problem with him!! But the opportunist in him is what i dont like!! He is another PS who very conveniently tried false narration for kp du!! Yesterday du gave him taste of his own medicine!! N he was dumbstruck!

Ppl cribbing over vg's exit..true that she has good vyaktitva..but her contribution was reactive ones not proactive,ane iruve jokes,reshme jokes,kitchen jokes,which bb n ks made her to do,that winning fire was always missing,she bucked up in tasks after mp's comment. whom did du ps n mp write letters??

Two contestants! They were the centre of attraction! Every positive or negative revolved around them! Weekends or week days only they ruled! Live subscriptions were taken for them!Sleepless nights..for live check if they are safe from vote!

bbk8 finale votes counts have broke all previous seasons record that to with huge margin!!

A big round of applause !! We truly deserve this !!! N our favs also deserve being in top!!

MP got his answers today !! DU was on fire!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Those sleepless night were worth!! 2 vs all N our 2 in top 3!!!😍😍 Thats the tweet!! All eyes on trophy now!! Lets end it in a style!!

Man !!....wanna appreciate the beautiful fanbase.. who stood so strong for DU admist all this negativity inside and outside.....🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥......Our girl deserved it!! I am glad she got what she deserved!! This is how we give back to haters!! 😇😇

DU very subtly gave back to MP n VG in reshme style. Because everyone here know who distanced their 1st innings friends n started fake bonds!! DU🔥🔥🔥🔥

Ps talking about favouritism ...what did he do with SG then wasnt that favouritism?? Adh henge obrige ondu inobrige innondu!! Mp...43 days feedback tagondu ..ds inda dura aagi game addidru...idu game manipulation.. DU Kp stood by each other ...idu being real!! hypocrisy !!

Mp the same person who praised Du after that pearl task week for her fighting spirit...n today he telling her that she didnt play well n individually!! "Double standard" andre idu!! Opportunist!!

Irony is ..the person who couldnt be a captain in bbk is talking about others individuality!!😓😓