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Jessica William

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John Doe

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Good morning. If you don’t win today you got another thing coming atDodgers

If the Dodgers come back and win this series who ever follows and RTs will have a chance to win a 12x18 Mookie print of my drawing

It is for sure a no bones day for me today so like if you want to just lay around and not do shit I support it

Happy birthday friend !!! Hope you have the best day, you deserve it! 💙

Mondays am I right? Goodmorning 🎃

There’s a difference in being grateful for what a player did while they were on your team and actively rooting for them on a different team while they’re playing your team you bozos

Are you fucking kidding me?

Corey Seager the last 2 NLCS against the Braves: 11-for-34 w/6 HR

Good morning Dodger fans. EAD Braves fans 🥰

If we were going to lose any game, it was going to be this one. Can’t go into the postseason expecting to sweep every team we play. We’ve got Max on the mound tomorrow and it’s a new day.

Best of 7. Tie it up tomorrow.

Lmfao what a joke

Kenley Jansen deserves some god damn respect 🔥