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Jessica William

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Nooooooooooooooooo And hard agree with - we are NOT going to make β€œanalprint” a thing. No. Nope. NU-UH.

Elvira coming out is cool, but Elvira's girlfriend not opening every conversation with "Elvira is my girlfriend" for almost two decades is an Olympian act of superhuman will that should be looked on with sheer, abject awe.

Happy We exist. We can have sex or relationships with people of any gender and that doesn't make us het or gay.

Seeing the Earth's Glow From Space via NASA

A not so fun fact is that it’s often harder for bisexuals to get asylum under the banner of oppression against sexual minorities because of the biphobic belief that bi people can just evade bigots by staying closeted and living straight lives 😬

Remember when bloggers getting book deals was a thing for like ten seconds?

NEW: People vaccinated against Covid-19 while pregnant pass protection to their newborns, researchers from NYU Grossman School of Medicine find.

β€œHe tried to imagine the sound of the color red.”

Whoa. Just watch the finale of 9 Perfect Strangers and that was some hot fucking garbage. And not in a good way.

Oh, also: Fuck you,

Effectively bans abortions after 2-weeks and now this. Organizers on the ground, we are with you in solidarity and in action! We will fight this, restore access to abortion, and liberate ourselves for true reproductive justice!

A mega shout out to all healthcare workers right now. Please know that you are truly appreciated.

β€œWhen summer gathers up her robes of glory. And, like a dream, glides away.”

Lucy Is Going to Space! via NASA

Finding a white woman’s body and losing the white man suspect in her murder might be the most white privilege shit ever.

Also, my second-favorite, β€œthis is especially true of inserting colonial organisms into bodily orifices”

This thread includes my new favorite phrase: β€œjust because I don’t want to insert them vaginally doesn’t mean I don’t love and appreciate them”

When you know actual history, things make a LOT more sense, but also make you a lot angrier.