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We need to spend the next four years uncovering and prosecuting and recovering from Trump’s crimes, and NOT nitpicking Biden because—as a non-sociopath— he has a conscience and will be a much easier target. We can’t just forget Trump’s crimes and corruption. We can’t just move on

Bad people still support him.

Colin Powell lived a life of great consequence, but more importantly, he lived a live of integrity. He was a good man, an honorable man, & OKC mourns the loss of one of our nation’s finest public servants. Flags have been lowered through 10/22, keeping w/ the presidential order.

WASHINGTON (AP) -- US Supreme Court declines to stop mandated COVID-19 vaccines for Maine health workers.

Eight people were shot at Grambling State University in Louisiana Saturday night, but it barely registered as news because mass shootings are now a daily occurrence in America. We need to elect more members of Congress with the courage to do something about that.

Of all the conversations about General Powell on the news today, I haven’t heard anyone remark on how his hobby was rebuilding old Volvos in his garage. Even as CJCS, that’s how he relaxed. And that is awesome, and another reason he was so great.

Inside you are two wolves. One has Generalized Anxiety Disorder and the other has Adult ADHD. The one who wins is oh wait I’m just receiving word that they’re teaming up. They’re a team now. So that’s happening.

Poll: When you are in your own home, do you drink from the bowl…

In Joy Hofmeister states, “the state lacks a plan for long term investments and stability for some of the most important, foundational functions of government here, including public education, health care, and rural infrastructure, such as broadband.” She gets it.

Pregnant women need to get vaccinated. Covid is extra deadly to pregnant women and their babies

10/10 on ? Now I KNOW I’ve got to vote for for Governor!

Good flag work. Strong plant game. The kid cowboy for the win. 10/10

We have one narrow -- very narrow -- window of time to enact reforms that will protect the republic against a very real threat. Whether you believe me or not, I can tell you with absolute certainty that the administration's heart is not in this fight with us.

A lot of folks asking "so what do we do?" What we don't do is give up just because the people we sent to Washington won't do the job. We put pressure on the White House. We put pressure on the Senate. We put pressure on the House. We participate in democracy every last way we can

I have seen infants get five vaccines in a single visit and cry less than some of these police officers getting one

COVID Update: The loss of Colin Powell to complications from COVID provides an overpowering lesson: get vaccinated. 3 million people with compromised immune systems depend on you. 1/

Police officers opposing vaccines should step down. Protecting and serving people isn’t a priority to them.

Colin Powell's death says nothing about vaccine effectiveness. He had a blood cancer, which decreases effectiveness of vaccine and makes it harder to fight infection. Rather, it shows a big reason why we should all wear masks & get vaccinated: to protect the immune compromised.

Colin Powell didn't die because he was vaccinated. he died because you weren't