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Jessica William

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Two smiling bigots Meet at a resort One hides the coke The other takes a snort

Fixed it. BREAKING NEWS: Trump Son-in-Law Jared Kushner Likely to Receive $2 Billion from Murderous, Autocratic Saudi Crown Prince MBS for Services Rendered to Saudi Arabia While Working for the 2016 Trump Campaign and in the White House From 2017 to 2021

America is racist af... more proof here 👇

BOOM: Watergate attorney John Dean encourages Merrick Garland to appoint a Special Counsel to investigate January 6 saying the Congressional Committee is NOT ENOUGH. Retweet if this must happen!

For those who are wondering about how did Lev Parnas lose his criminal court case on all 6 counts, I wrote a Thread about it on Saturday. This Thread has apparently struck a nerve and become quite widely retweeted (thanks!). Here is link to the Thread:

In July, Jared Kushner started a private equity fund called Affinity Partners. He is now reportedly in talks to receive upwards of $2bn in funding for his new firm, from Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF). PIF is chaired by MBS.

Twitter won't let me upload my pictures! What's wrong with Twitter today? Please reply or put a like on this... I am frustrated with this glitch Is anyone else noticing issues with Twitter today?

This constitutes evidence of Trump’s continued efforts to overthrow our democracy. It also arguably constitutes Brady evidence (helpful to each defendant/insurrectionist who chooses to go to trial). They’ll offer this as justification for their actions. DOJ is failing our nation.

OMG, PLZ READ THIS THREAD!!!! The insurrection was actively planned by PENCE! And, they were going to kill him.... for real

They ran as Democrats to get ELECTED. And then governed as Republicans to get RICH.

Facebook is pure evil They deserve to loose revenue Spying is illegal

Update: Matt Gaetz rushed to pay his BAR fees and his license is reinstated Bummer

“You know what? I’m 77 years old. I am fighting this until my last breath,” tells me on today’s PREVAIL podcast. “I’m not going anywhere. And I have the most dangerous weapon of all—a camera!”

What? Florida State BAR just suspended Matt Gaetz license? is finally starting to begin to become an adult A special prosecutor with experience in child sex trafficking has been assigned to the Greenberg case too Oh boy

: found guilty on all counts.

As is common in SPAC arrangements, investors put their cash in before the acquisition target was chosen. When Weinstein learned it would be with Trump’s firm, he bailed. via

Banks was apparently attempting to deceive federal agencies into revealing information that was shared with the committee.