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Jessica William

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Est-ce le temps de ressortir cet extrait pour le Canadien?😂

If Johnathan Drouin's play is the result of taking time away and healing his mental health then Price may never allow another goal again

Carey! Carey! Carey! Merci pour vos nombreux encouragements au Centre Bell. ❤️ Love hearing a Carey chant at the Bell Centre. – at Centre Bell

hey i know that guy

🚨GIVEAWAY🚨 I’ve teamed up with to giveaway this Cole Caufield jersey! Follow the rules below to enter! 1. FOLLOW & 2. RT & LIKE this tweet 3. Reply with your size Good luck and happy thanksgiving to my Canadian followers! 🇨🇦🦃

Take care of your health carey

What a fumble by the Ukrainian league to allow a player to buy his games back after a vulgar and unacceptable action. Pathetic mishandle by who ever is in charge. Obviously they tolerate this kind of behaviour, it’s a shame.

On ne le dira jamais assez: on vous aime. We can't say it enough: We love you.

Claire Samson fait avouer à Geneviève Guilbeault qu’une manif contre le gouvernement Legault serait illégale, alors qu’une manif pro-CAQ serait légale. Quel mépris pour la démocratie.Quelle condescendance.

BREAKING NEWS: Tampa Memorial Hospital have finally released Nikita Kucherov who is no longer in life-or-death critical condition and is finally in good spirits

When Leafs fans call the Habs the "Scabs" it really feels like they're trying way too hard to come up with something as good as the "Laffs" and still failing miserably, just like their team does in the playoffs.

Alright hockey fans, I need your help! will gift me a Nick Suzuki jersey if I receive 2000 RT’s in 24 hours. Can you please help me?

U.S. government is urging citizens not to travel to Canada due to covid concerns. New cases on August 30th: Canada: 1,577 USA: 119,642 I’m good with that.

One good reason he could be on his way is because biosteel camp is going down here this week…

I don’t know why—could be pure coincidence—but Jack Eichel is boarding a plane headed for Montreal right now. And he’s bringing his hockey sticks with him.