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Jessica William

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I trust the speaker.

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I wanted to let this go but I wish the New York Times cared a fraction as much about a memo outlining a coup attempt as they did about a private email server.

I think we can all agree it's time to finally and forever adjourn Marjorie Taylor Greene.

If you don’t follow he’s a great Democrat and never disappoints on twitter

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Democrats are going to rebuild America. Republicans are trying to tear her down. Join Speaker Pelosi and Democrats and let’s make life better for millions of Americans like they asked us to last November.

Yes Democrats have a big tent and a long table - proudly so! With President Biden’s jobs, care, tax cuts, and fair share agenda, we are bringing the highest common denominator to COVID recovery. with compassion, creativity, and respect for human dignity.

United by our commitment to America’s working families, we are coming together to ensure that for those who took a hard economic hit during COVID. We are tackling issues that keep people up at night like the shortage and high cost of quality child care.

Not only do Democrats want to fix America’s infrastructure. They want Americans to have good paying jobs, lower health care costs, and they want lower taxes on the middle class. Americans overwhelmingly support these policies. Let’s get it done!

"Voters support the climate provisions of the plan in all twelve states surveyed, with support ranging from 51 percent in Montana to 74 percent in Oregon." This is INSANELY popular. Democrats should pass the whole Biden agenda.

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Republicans only want to build a wall at the border. Democrats want America's entire infrastructure to be fixed.

“I want to thank Speaker Pelosi, who was masterful in her leadership on this,” President Biden Don’t listen to the fake media hype about disarray in the Dem caucus. This is called negotiation, and Madam Speaker is the master!

This week will bring tangible results for good paying jobs, lower health care costs, and middle class tax cuts for the American people. Reply with the hashtag