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Jessica William

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It's time to start showing some true leadership. It's time to bring your party together. The only way you're going to bring your party together is to bring it to truth. Not 45's lies, not 45's pretend truth. But the real thing. The truth will set you, and the GOP free.

Curious if same ultimatum was put out for those who embrace white nationalism, q-anon, or other conspiracies? Or just truth tellers?

Sad to see so many Rs look away. “For Bannon? profit a man nothing to give his soul for the whole world. . . but for Bannon!” Thanks for being a Man for All Seasons and - a Woman for All Seasons.

NEW: GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger: "Steve Bannon went out of his way to earn this resolution before us and now we must approve it."

Depends if you ask them in public or in private…

On 5/18/83, Congress UNANIMOUSLY voted to hold Rita Lavelle, a Reagan EPA official, in contempt & referred her for prosecution. Tomorrow the full House will vote on Bannon’s contempt. Which Republicans will vote NO, thereby aiding/abetting Bannon’s crime & covering up for Trump?

In time for Grift-mas! Trump's New Social Media Site Plans to Raise Money With Shell Company Scheme

Just a reminder: wondered aloud “how many pieces of silver Pelosi gave (those of us who voted to impeach) to betray Trump. Trump ain’t Jesus, nor is Putin. Franklin Graham’s Hangouts with Sanctioned Putin Pal via

This is very concerning. The mission in Tanf is humanitarian, and they are testing us. They only respond to strength.

Sounds like admitting to liability, for anyone who got Covid from him. Smooth move Prager.

I don’t understand people who use the occasion of someone’s death to make a political statement. It’s so petty.

I have a hard time reconciling how someone could call themselves a Christ follower and think this is appropriate. Sadly some do

Take an uncomfortable minute to sit with this statement. How this brand of politician became acceptable, I cannot even begin to fathom. Help me ensure it doesn’t happen again.

The term “Bongino Idiocracy” is redundant.

Cawthorn is pushing these types of conspiracies to NC-11. This type of extremism must be stopped. Vote them out in the Primary March 8, 2020!

Exhausting. The crazies are determined to make Covid “a conspiracy.”