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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Lessons in leadership, innovation and creativity from Prince Hire us to speak about transferable lessons for businesses from music and Class A musicians

Why isn’t the speaker putting him straight! Disgusting behaviour but then he’s an obnoxious man

Jacob Rees-Mogg says Conservative MPs don’t need to wear facemasks in the Commons chamber because they regularly attend parliament and meet other MPs and says if opposition MPs also "worked a bit harder… they might not need to wear face coverings either."

After not wearing a mask in parliament last week, Peter Bone has Covid. I guess that means he doesn't work hard enough then.

19 pairs of shoes for every "Dorries"

Zero trade deals for every "Truss"

Nine Afghan lives lost for every Raab

9 children's lives ruined for every "Williamson"

106 dead migrants for every "Patel"

Five pieces of PPE for every glove aka a "Hancock"

11 COVIDIOTS to every "Mogg"

17 broken homes for every "Gove"

Imperial measurement chart One "Johnson" for every 150 000 unnecessary COVID deaths

Breaking: Tories to bring back Betamax tapes.

Yes, bring back the quartic steering wheel. Now that would be a Mighty Brexit Benefit. We could export them to Australia. World beating stuff.

Oh, how I miss cutting edge British design... such as the quartic steering wheel... 🇬🇧

Weights and measures inspector pounds Johnson – ‘Sorry to dispel your latest bit of kite flying’ | The London Economic

Amazing to think that Britain could be forced to issue ration books by next year. No food shortages here and never will be. The British public seem very tolerant of the hardship caused by Brexit especially given the absence of any benefit.