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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

My phone auto corrected "Aaron" to "sob" - sums it up really.

This has strong "Dun Cow" vibes

Exeter has lots of the same materials palette of Cov. As does Plymouth which I'll check tomorrow. *Boring tweet*

Also mentioned how much I love all my cure pals 🥺

Woo got Boys Don't Cry on the radio! 😅

"I can tell ministers from experience that hope is being destroyed in the places they never deign to visit and there is desperation in the faces they never see." - simply stunning writing from Gordon Brown here.

Just made it to Exeter for the evening. I'm on BBC CWR tonight at 8:20 funnily enough. Will probably mention again.

Just posted a photo @ Isle of Wight Festival

We would like one of these with a cup of tea now pls

OMG... the whole front row of the central aisle of on the 21st Oct has SOL OUT!!! Hurry up in buying your tickets, or you will NEVER get the other 14 rows of tickets!!! Tickets:

Interviews with the Dark Lord and Alastair Campbell too? Perfect.

The One Show: "Don't worry everyone, the government have signed a deal to stop food shortages." We are an absolute mess.

I am excited to be taking on my new role as Shadow Minister for Women and Equalities. Championing equality and celebrating who you are goes to the heart of why I first stood to be a Member of Parliament.

Right so I've done a Cov mooch, I think I'm going to Devon 😅