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Jessica William

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Imagine a teacher thinking this and refusing to believe the literal definition of the word after being proven wrong.

The thing I wonder about is the "anti anything" people is that they pretty much shoot down any suggestion that comes up to help stop/slow the pandemic and then later complain why nothing is being done about it. Do they really expect a magic fix with no responsibility?

68,000 Texas have died from Covid on Abbott’s watch. More will die as he prevents employers from protecting customers and employees. Abbott is killing the people of Texas.

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anything pro gun. (If more guns make us safe the US would be the safest country on earth, news flash, it's not)

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If you really want to know what I think: get vaccinated. It’s not a government plot. Governments can’t even mend pot holes.

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Right now, in the USA, 99% of people being hospitalized & dying from COVID-19 are those who chose not to be vaccinated. This confirms that whoever’s been advising you to decline the Vaccine, does not value your health or longevity. A form of biological “unnatural” selection.

Well, RIP to my collectors edition keyring from 5 that I've had for 11 years. Had my car in the shop at and (Carmax had to send the car to Audi to get fixed) and someone from one of the shops lost my physical key that had the ring on it.

Are the Guardian Games class items gonna get fixed to the correct podium win? Would like my cloak to be the gold that it deserves to be for our Hunter win this year.

with the Biomutant scores coming through, remember that reviews are simply opinions. games can also earn a solid 9 or 10, and not be fun for you. if a game world looks like one you want to explore, have at it! there’s always something to enjoy.

As if wasn't bad enough with energy management they also have bad drivers. Had one guy in a big truck going the opposite direction try and cross a three lane road only to not make it and ended up having to stop in the middle of a lane & block traffic.