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International Nctzens plz plz go stream MV Korean Nctzens 지금 스밍 돌리느라 똥꼬 빠져

16 MILLION NOW!!! Don't lose our momentum and continue streaming! 🔗:

Here it is! The television debut of ’s new song !

. "Sticker" becomes the fastest NCT music video to hit 15,000,000 views on YouTube (12 hours)

15 MILLION NOW!!! Don’t stop now and let’s continue watching!!! 🔗:

this is me during 2017. its a literal chaos and i just want to cry out of frustration.

Hello! According to some reports you can use The Late Late Show performance as a filler and the views will be counted in Billboard. MV: Fillers: The Late Late Show Performance 🔗: Comeback Stage🔗:

i remember almost dying, having my phone and laptop blow up because of the heat while streaming for 127 during Cherry Bomb… 🥲 I couldn’t believe that this actually happening. A fcking all kill on Melon..

Its so sexy. I’m so proud you, and 127zens.

127zens who has korean streaming apps are working hard on streaming and keeping the boys on the chart. Let’s also work hard on streaming on Youtube, Spotify and Apple Music! YT: Apple Music: Spotify:

14 MILLION!!! Let’s stream more!!! 🔗:

from struggling to keeping them on chart to getting them their first ALL KILL! 😭😭😭😭 and 127zen, I couldn’t be more proud of your growth!!!


. 'STICKER' Album is Top 11 on MelOn's Real-Time Chart (old-system)!!!! All-kill Chart!!!!! Congratulationsssssss 🎉🎉🎉🎉

We reached 12 millions views 35 minutes after reaching 11 million. Let's keep this up and we can get 24 million before this day ends. 🔗:

. now joins and as the only SM groups to peak at #3 on MelOn TOP100! 👏🎉

the growth of 127 in the past two years is insane and imagine how hard it is to get a ticket for their concerts once this pandemic ends...