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Britain has never been self sufficient. Not even during the war. Just ask 10,000 dead merchant navy souls. Also, I'd like a slightly more varied diet than shepherds pie every night. Good from the EU doesn't hang about when selling to other eu countries either.

Fun fact. We don't make anything anymore. The factories moved to the EU.

2011 Royal Family stopped US news exposé of , 2020 Royal Family stopped French documentary on 2021 Royal Family stopped ITV report on Prince William’s bullying of Prince Harry Thomas Markle is speaking bc Royal Family wants him to

1.8 million really saw prince william and turned off the tv or changed channels 😬😂

I wanted to have a word with my wife Mummy Pig about Boris Johnson's praise of Peppa Pig, but she said they were too busy working on the episode where 100,000 of their mates got slaughtered because of Brexit.

I’ve always liked Peppa Pig.

Adele, Ed Sheeran, Coldplay, Jeremy Clarkson and Peppa Pig all namechecked in Boris Johnson's tin-rattling pitch for overseas investment this morning

Or the babysitter told Boris how she and his son spent Christmas Day?

Peppa Pig is ultimately owned now by the Canadian company Entertainment One though, which is itself owned by Hasbro. That's the problem he doesn't recognise, all of our success stories get sold out to foreign corporations and the profits offshored.

reading Peppa pig to him, is it not a beyond the prime ministers reading age?

Dear lord how much longer do we have to go through this

Yes! Peppa Pig is a great UK export! So great it was sold to US toy maker Hasbro for around £3.3bn ($4bn) in 2019. Do keep up, dear boy!

He was irritated that somebody else was the centre of everybody's attention, so went somewhere to vent his anger. (Not sure that I'm even joking!)

This will most likely fall on deaf ears but it needs to be put out there to and : Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, especially Meghan, are not slaves owned by you, the British, public and royalty. You have actively endangered their lives and well being.

Remember when Thomas Markle accidentally revealed live on Australian TV that he conspired with the media to sabotage his own daughter's wedding? Utterly vile individual

Thomas Markle must be desperately broke…again. What a deadbeat dad attacking his child for profit & notoriety. Shameless. Take lessons from Doria pls. Meghan Markle is right to cut him off from her kids’ lives must be shamelessly desperate for ratings - he isn’t newsworthy

I see is allowing Thomas Markle to gaslight the hell out of Meghan Markle again. What TM is doing amounts to coercive control and are facilitating the ongoing emotional abuse towards Meghan Markle. A loving father does not go on TV to badmouth his child.

Thomas markle has grandchildren as old as 34 who he’s never met. What makes Archie and lilibet different 🤑🤑🤑🤑