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I’m so mad I cannot even see straight. I have words but they’ll all likely get me suspended. THIS IS NOT OK.

I’m a Democrat, Gay veteran and running for Congress against Darrell Issa. I have 11.2K followers. Can we hit 20,000 followers? Yes Yes Yes 👇👇👇

If my husband dropped 'never cheated on wife' in a legal brief completely randomly and off topic I'd be looking through his phone. That's some suspicious ass shit right there.

But he did wear Kevlar to a Joint Session of Congress and he blamed antifa for the insurrection.

The heart of Mo Brooks' argument is that, when he spoke at Trump's rally on Jan. 6, he was acting within the scope of his employment and therefore has immunity from Swalwell's lawsuit. You may recall DOJ has taken an opposite view. Link:

Representing himself, Rep. Mo Brooks asked to be dismissed from Rep. Eric Swalwell's lawsuit alleging a conspiracy to incite the Jan 6 riot. In an unusual opening, Brooks says he's always been faithful to his wife, never used tobacco, and that none of his kids are divorced.

Brooks seems to be raising a Cuomo defense, that because he’s done a lot of things that are ok/good in his life, there’s no way he could have done anything bad. It’s not a very good defense, to say the least.

In a few days, we'll mark the anniversary of the Voting Rights Act of 1965—a law that only came to be because of patriots committed to every American's right to vote in our democracy. Now, Congress must restore it to its full vitality so we can end this new era of Jim Crow.

Excuse me. Please immediately stop scrolling and boop this honker. Me thanks you.

Fox News coming out strong against a primetime host advising a politician he covers, really bold stuff.

Judges are consistently giving federal prosecutors the sentences they request in these misdemeanor cases... and NOT yielding to the lower requests from defense attorneys These are the deals being cut by US Justice Dept

Only 54% of Republicans are fully vaccinated compared to 86% of Democrats. Why?

Wishing a very Happy 60th Birthday to President !

NEW: Vanguard, one of the world’s largest asset managers, confirms to CNN it's offering employees $1,000 to get vaccinated.

At least Gov. Cuomo got the formal investigation Al Franken didnt get. Based on findings of investigation, Cuomo should go. I wish Franken had fought harder2keep his job until investigation he asked4was done. Sadly,many Dems wanted2make a political statement at Franken’s expense.

Even though the ACTUAL MURDERERS have said that Kevin Strickland –a 62-year-old Black man who's spent two-thirds of his life in prison– wasn't involved, Missouri Gov. Mike Parson decided to pardon Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the white gun-wielding circus act instead?? Got it.

Bush Gavin Rossdale 1996 📸 Mick Hutson

The moratorium for federal unemployment benefits must be extended. The Delta variant is creating a situation where we will never get out of this pandemic if we don’t shut down and stop passing this disease around.

Went to my office to pick up a few things. I looked at my calendar and cried. So much has been lost since I last looked at it.

I'm not saying who you should or shouldn't but you may want to see if this person aligns with your values. Personally, I just blocked! Huge MAGA Rumpleforeskin fan!