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🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️Crowd of +3000 at Hungary’s first rural pride, Hungarian community showing our true power 📸: Laszlo Kortvelyesi

Possibly my happiest day in Belgrade ever and also the most important one💘🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ My heart is full - full of love, pride, and admiration towards the LGBTQ+ community in Belgrade and Serbia. I hope for an equal and safe future for us all.

One year ago, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away. One of the final major decisions in which she participated was affirming that LGBTQ people fall under "sex" as a protected class in the workplace. It's the first time trans rights have been explicitly protected by SCOTUS.

Just so we're all clear on the end goal here.

The legal architect of Texas abortion ban, Jonathan Mitchell, writes in his Supreme Court brief, “Women can ‘control their reproductive lives’ without access to abortion; they can do so by refraining from sexual intercourse.”

In addition to promising to appoint Justices who would overrule Roe (✅), the 2016 GOP platform promised to appoint Justices who would overrule Obergefell (the marriage equality case) among others. 👏BUT👏THE👏COURT👏ISNT👏INFLUENCED👏BY👏POLITICS👏RIGHT?

"As the world ground to a uncomfortable truth emerged: Women are America’s default social safety net. It’s a regressive construct that has entrapped and hobbled working mothers across the spectrum—including lawyer-moms." -

Thank you, Melissa. 🤗🌺 I hope your weekend is a good one. Thanks for spreading this important message.

TYSM Melissa 😊 Appreciate the Shout Out Sista ❤ Have a Great Sunday Folks🎈

Bravo Melissa 👏 Thank you for sharing this🔥

Thank you Melissa! RT☑️💙🥰💯 Have a good night!

If you’re not already following my good friend then please do. He’s so cool and kind, and the best dad. What do you look for in a woman, my brother? I am a great matchmaker lol..

A lady in her 50's was talking about how her father beat her mom to death when she was a kid. He did it in front of her and her brothers and sisters. She said once when she talked about it a guy said. "boy, she must have really done something bad for him to do that to her". 😠

Seth is just one of many patients paying a high price for long wait times in hospitals full of COVID patients. “...Had these hospitals not been so crowded with COVID patients … perhaps my son’s appendix would not have burst,” his father said.

When will this be enough? There’s the sex shaming/controlling women’s bodies. But there is also a complete lack of understanding about the many ways that so many women are coerced into sex short of what constitutes “rape.” Men need to be better allies. We need to protest. Enough.

Seconded for my Texas tweeps and appellate folks

Thank you Melissa. Chomsky ❤️❤️

My thought is: we outnumber them. It's long past time we fight back!

Im so distraught that everyday we are seeing more people and big companies advocating and normalizing violence against Women