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BREAKING — Meghan McCain whines that Joy Behar said she “didn’t miss her” when she left The View. RT IF YOU DON’T MISS MEGHAN EITHER AND STAND WITH JOY!

Either they are democrats or republicans they need to pick a side and stop torturing us. There is no need to keep the people in suspense. In my opinion the two democrats are not moderates they are traitors to their party. That would never happen to the Republican Party.

How dare he talk about entitlement. Is drinking clean water, good medical care, help with child care and infrastructure considered as entitlements. The nerve of someone talking from a yacht about entitlements.

I’m Democrat Carla Dearing and I never thought I’d enter politics. I’m running for Mayor of Louisville. I was told today I need to ask for ppl to follow this account and retweet it to build our campaign? Can you follow us and help me bring bold systemic change to the heart of KY?

BREAKING: New poll sinks Senator Kyrsten Sinema’s re-election chances, finding that her approval rating with Arizona Democrats is plummeting due to her “opposition to President Biden’s agenda,” & 70% of voters now have a “negative opinion” of her. RT IF ARIZONA MUST DUMP SINEMA!

Solidarity forever.

BREAKING: President Biden announces that there’s a “real possibility” that Senate Democrats will have to revise the filibuster to a simple majority vote in order to overcome Republican obstructionism on the debt ceiling. RT IF YOU SUPPORT THE IDEA!

To all the media outlets, reporters, communists, and pundits who are writing Joe Biden off. Fuck you. No, really. Fuck you.

Retweet to ask to get Merrick Garland help. Bring on Sally Yates and Glenn Kirschner to help out?

It’s amazing to me people want their freedom not to get vaccinated or wear a mask but they want women to give up their rights for women’s health. The republicans and their governors are playing with your health. Freedom for some but not for all.

It has been challenging for my family and I appreciate this overwhelming support after addressing something I felt pressured to speak about tonight.

When Trump came into office he floated on Obama administration which was in pretty good shape. However Biden inherited a mess with covid, financial and racist situations election lies and don’t forget a delayed transition period. Biden has only been office for 10 months.

When you vote for a republican you are voting for absolutely nothing but racism and fascism that’s what they stand for they don’t have an agenda to make life better for working people just social programs for the rich.

i think we better listen to her she has been right so far.

Hillary Clinton, in a rare TV appearance (on "The View") this AM, warned that the US is already in ‘full constitutional crisis’ and under a ‘dangerous high level attack’ on elections and government legitimacy - led by Trump, well funded by others. She also put blame on Facebook.

When she says “High level,” she knows what she’s talking about. I’m guessing she knows it’s incredibly well-funded, too.

The question that I would ask is what do you do. The republicans are invalidating elections before they start. They arming for civil war and the republicans in congress is full of insurrection enablers What can we do to stop fascism.

Dave is a comedian and he tell jokes for a living and his jokes are an interpretation of how he see real life. If you have seen this and the only policy is white against black in this country it is pretty hard to find rainbows in a prisms of black and white.

BREAKING — Trump lashes out at Biden for turning over Trump documents to the January 6 Committee calling it the “Crime of the Century.” RT IF YOU SUPPORT PRESIDENT BIDEN’S DECISION!

When I look at this guy I see that something else is wrong. When you are unhappy you can’t be reasoned with. It appears that there is a lot of unhappiness in this country.